Keep your car clean with us

Self-serve car washing service open 24/7

Your choice in the Twin Cities Metro area for self-serve car washing

All that dirt, grime, bird droppings, and road salt can take its toll on your car or truck's exterior. Keep your ride look its best with our self-serve car washing services.

Our self-serve car wash facility is open 24/7, and is well monitored for your safety and security.

Safe and secure self-serve car wash services available 24/7.

Get your car clean from exterior to the interior with us

Don't neglect the inside of your vehicle! We have vacuum machines to clean your interior, and vending machines with auto detailing supplies for a complete clean. Choose from:
- Window Cleaner
- Leather Wipes
- Tire Protectant
- Air Fresheners
- Wet Wipes and more